Saturday, March 26, 2011


Heaven knows how many
trees I climbed when my body
was still in the climbing way,
how many afternoons, especially
windy ones, I sat
perched on a limb that

rose and fell with every invisible

every leafy height
a happiness that came without even trying.....

Now I walk under them-
the household of such tall, kind sisters.

Yesterday, thanks to a reader here, I read a recent interview of Mary Oliver. She spoke of her troubled childhood when she has suffered abuse.  I can see her seeking to escape this, and climbing a tree so that she counteracted the violence done to her by beholding beauty within and without from the lofts of trees.  She sought to transcend the world below.

In the interview she spoke of the happiness and healing she had found in her older age. Though no longer a tree climber, I believe, or so project my own life journey on to hers, that she feels truly like she belongs on this world, walking with all beings as her siblings.

May we this day not feel like we need to climb over any body or being, but call them family, kindly.

Who are your siblings?

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