Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Sweetness of Dogs (Fifteen)

What do you say Percy?  I am thinking
of sitting out on the sand to watch the moon rise. Full tonight. 
So we go

as the moon rises, so beautiful...

makes me take measure of myself: one iota pondering heaven....

How grateful I am for the moon's perfect beauty and also, oh! how rich
it is to love the world. Percy, meanwhile,
leans against me and gazes up into
my face. As though I were his perfect moon.

I've got physics on the brain, hard not to given that my spouse the preacher has been doing a series on physics and spirituality.  Just this morning we marveled at how we can change the outcome of an event by watching it.  So I think of Percy watching Mary in his sweet way.  Does Mary change?  Does she become more loving, more beautiful, more open to the beauty of herself, dogs, and the moon?  What if I were to open my heart and see everyone today as perfect just the way they are. Would this change their behavior?  Would it change the world?

It might if we all did it.

Shall we?


  1. Thanks so much for this today. Mary Oliver is my favorite poet. And I just got a dog two months ago that I named Percy. It thrilled me to no end to realize that she too has (or had) a dog named Percy.

  2. Glad we are sharing Mary Oliver today!