Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Living Together

The spirit says:
What gorgeous clouds.
The body says: Good,
The crops need rain.

The spirit says:
Look at the lambs frolicking.
The body says:
When’s the feast?...

The spirit says:  Body,
How can we live together?
The body says:  Bricks and mortar
And a back door.

In Maslov’s hierarchy of needs, we see that the fundamental needs of protection, security and nuturturance are below the higher needs of spiritual development. If the people are not fed and safe, it is hard for them to ponder the beauty of the clouds and the inherent worth and dignity of others.  Notice I say hard, not impossible. 

It is a difficult task though to embody spirit in our daily lives. Aren’t we always in some ways, or at least perceiving so, under threat or at risk of not having enough?  So we look to the lambs to slaughter them, our relationships, our communities, and our earth.

May we look to this day, and not sneak out the back door to meet our desires and our fears, but go boldly through the front door, and leave the door to our hearts open as we journey forward together.

Do you have tension between your body and spirit?  What is spirit?

1 comment:

  1. I think the tension comes at the threshold of the front door, where nearly everyone pauses. It's the ones who stop there, that the cracking of whips can be heard, to ensure the the fyres release the heat as energy, as payment for the gifts given up, at the pyrety.