Thursday, March 17, 2011


I tore the web
of a black and yellow spider
in the brash of weeds
and down she came
on her surplus of legs
each of which
touched me and really
the touch wasn't much
but then the way
if a spider can
she looked at me
clearly somewhere between
outraged and heartbroken
made my say 'I'm sorry
to have wrecked your home...

swung herself off
on the thinnest of strings
back into the world.
This pretty, this perilous world.

The news reports that the Japanese are being courageous after losing their homes due to the earthquake and tsunami.  They keep at their business and line up for supplies.  I heard someone yesterday comparing themselves to the Japanese, saying we Westerners do not know about order and calm in the midst of tragedy.  Maybe it's because we haven't known so much here on our isolated continent the kinds of terrible circumstances that breed steadfastness. 

Instead we look on, outraged and heartbroken, as if our very gaze and will could take away nuclear perils and return these beautiful people to their homes.

We are such a torn people, wishing to have clean energy and pretty homes, and not knowing what level of risk to take to line our nest with the good life.

To the world today, in all I consume, may I say "I'm sorry to have wrecked your home."

Whose home have you or your lifestyle destroyed?  Whose are you rebuilding?

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