Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mist in the Morning, Nothing Around Me but Sand and Roses

Was I lost?  No question.
Did I know where I was?  Not at all.
Had I ever been happier in my life?  Never.

Yogi Berra said once, "We're lost, but we are making good time."

I wonder if Mary's happiness while being lost and Yogi's since of accomplishment while in the same predicament might be a way to live our lives?

Let's just go ahead and admit we are lost, and that all our knowing might help in some ways, but not in the ultimate sense.

A few weeks ago I heard a term, "undefending."  To undefend oneself is to live knowing that without the interdependent relationships all around us, we are lost, and to act out of this ultimate knowing in a daily fashion.

So let me begin this day with nothing of me, and everything around me.

I am lost.
Without you, I am nothing.
You are lost, and with me, are nothing.
Have there ever been any happier fools?

Where are you lost in happiness?

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