Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Passing the Unworked Field

Queen Anne's lace is hardly prized but all the same it isn't idle look

how it stands straight on its thin stems how it

scrubs its white faces with the rags of the  sun how it

makes all the loveliness it can

Two days ago my spouse and I went for a walk in San Felasco Park as opposed to where we often walk, La Chua Trail.  The Park  is a wooded expanse and the Trail  is wide open to prairie views and water.  In the park the walk ways are  arched with the tops of the tree; sun, moon, and birds hiding behind the towering green.

About 4 miles into the walk my partner said, "I love trees" meaning he had a preference for this walk with evasive birds versus the other walk where birds nearly jump on your binoculars demanding that you see their beauty.  I replied, "Yes, I hear you, however, these trees are evidence of the scarred land, for they are small and the woods are not diverse. It's been centuries since this last was the original forest. They tell us how this land has been worked over as fields for generations.  I see pain and loss here."

"Yes he said, but I see trees that are working hard for the rest of us."

These trees, indeed, healing the land, healing us, bringing beauty, being beauty.

All praise unworked fields which are working.

What is "unworked" and "working" in your life?

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