Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More of the Unfinishable Fox Story

Dear Readers,

I have been in touch with Beacon Press and I learned that by printing so much of the poem I might be infringing on copyright issues.  So from here until the end, I shall write only a few lines of each poem and encourage you to get the book.  It's so hard for me to only include such a small portion, because the poems in their entirety are so complete. I have loved to type each line  as a form of prayer - so instead let us whisper the words to one another through the ethernet. 

Today's Poem

And what did the fox look like?...

He was rough and smelled of skunk.
But he was beautiful,

and beauty is not to be taken lightly....

Mary is still on to that fox she saw. She doesn't remember where she was going and cannot imagine what the fox is doing on the road, but she does know what beauty is and for.  First and foremost we are to remember beauty. 

We are to remember that beauty exists.
We are to remember that it is all around us.
We are to remember that it is in us, is us, is everyone, is every being.
We are to remember that the story of beauty ever continues and never ends, so that our days may be finished in beauty.

What story do you have that is unfinished, or unfinishable?

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  1. I want Beacon Press to know, that since I have been reading your postings several times a week, I have bought 5 of Mary Oliver's books, and received two others as gifts. I understand the issue of copyrights, but it seems to me the exposure poets get in such postings, and the resulting sales, should benefit them in the long run. Besides that, I teach and have introduced about 80 high school students to some of these poems. How better to spread the word?