Friday, March 11, 2011

The Poet Dreams of the Classroom

I dreamed
I stood up in class
and I said aloud:

why is algebra important?

Sit down, he said.....

Then I dreamed
I stood up once more and said:

Teacher, my heart is falling asleep
and it wants to wake up.
It needs to be outside.

Sit down, he said.

When in elementary school I was not much of a student.  I laughed as much as I could, ignored the teacher, and when at home, played the game to be the first one out of school clothes and outside, and the last one to come in after the sun fell. For my efforts, I technically did not pass fourth grade.  There ensued a major teacher-parent conference and I was read the riot act, "Shape up now or you won't ever amount to anything."

Well I shaped up, did well in school, and sat down through many years of college and degrees.

Today will be a day full of inside work to help those beings "outside."  I make myself sit down here at the computer.  There is great risk that my heart won't quicken today and will become sleepy and dull, for I need to be outside.

What about a compromise then?  I can be outside myself, and rise above ego concerns as just now the sun is rising over the tree tops in my back yard.

So my plan for the day if I get sleepy is this:
Sit down, let go, get up, let go.  Repeat as necessary.

How do you keep your heart awake?

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  1. Someone had torn this page out of my copy of the Swan before I bought it and I came across your lovely blog. Thank you for sharing.