Thursday, January 27, 2011

There Are a Lot of Mockingbirds in this Book

Yes, there are many
of those wondrous creatures
who live in the thorns
and are musical all day...

but this isn't nature
in which such birds
want, each pair,
their own few acres-

this isn't nature
where the sweetest things,
being hidden in leaves
and thorn-thick bushes

reveal themselves rarely-
this is a book
of the heart's rapture,
of hearing and praising

and  never forgetting
so that the world
is what the world is
in a long lifetime:

singer after singer
bursts from the thorn bush,
now, and again, and again,
their songs in the mind forever.


Isn't that what each are - singers in thorn bushes?  Somehow, during the course of the day we manage to reveal our true, wondrous selves and this song builds the world as it is.

Which is a world where no acres belong to anyone
Where beauty and love are ever revealed
Where the day is full of hearing songs of wonder
And our responding praise   -
pulling thorns from those have burst forth
or have yet to escape.

What thorns might you remove today?

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