Saturday, January 29, 2011

Prayer - January 28, 2011

May I never not be frisky,
May I never not be risqué.

May my ashes, when you have them, friend,
And give them to the ocean,

Leap in the froth of the waves,
Still loving movement,

Still ready, beyond all else,
To dance for the world.

Today I am attending the Parrot Festival in Houston, Texas. The people here are parrot lovers who have come to learn and to celebrate life.  I am their honored guest and have come to teach them about the human dimensions of conservation. However, it is I who am learning from them.

Last night was one of the evening festivals. I arrived late to a room of sparkling, babbling, brightly colored humans who reminded me of the parrots they adore.  As if they weren’t already having enough fun, each table was given a mystery bag full of crafts and materials with an assignment to dress one of their participants in a costume made from the bag’s contents to resemble a parrot species assigned to their table.  What a bunch of frisky people! After the contest, of which the Bare-eyed Cockatoo/Human won, some people just spontaneously began dancing.

Maybe I’m getting old. Maybe I was tired and in heels all day.  Maybe I just wasn’t ready to show my delight of the world by dancing.  But my mind was racing with the beauty of these people before me, and who knows, perhaps today or even tonight I will make some movement that aligns with the love that I feel for these people in this place.

Where will you dance today?

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