Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Percy at Breakfast (Twelve)

Percy says, I've eaten, and I'm still hungry.
So I say, what about toast?  and offer him
a dry corner.
Percy says, I like butter better.

Eggs then?  I say. And we share a couple scrambled.

Good! says Percy. And then because he's polite sometimes,
Thank you.

He turns to leave the room, then looks back
philosophically. I guess people just don't understand,
he says, how it is never to be not hungry.

Where to find humans who are never not hungry:

People in the midst of famine, drought, devastation, and political turmoil
Political leaders of all stripes
American consumers
Advertising companies of substances that can be abused
A child suffering  abuse
A parent wielding this abuse
The tortured
The torturers
Me on a stressful day
Those who interact with me on a stressful day

Where do you know hunger and what do you hunger for?

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