Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowy Egret - January 12, 2011

A late summer night and the snowy egret
Has come again to the shallows in front of my house

As he has for 40 years.
Don’t think he is a casual part of my life,

That white stroke in the dark.

Are there beings you take for granted­their regularity
A sign of stagnation and the spirit’s reluctance to rise to the occasion of sacred relationship?

I have two people with whom I share my house – a spouse and a young man we have called son for over 6 years.  There is nearly 30 years difference between their ages (as I suspect is the case for Mary’s first egret and the latest). 

Both came home last night in the dark after I had gone to bed.  Though there was no energetic welcome to either and no occasion other than routine days between us, I pray that they don’t think they are a casual part of my life.  May I pray this day with words and intention so that they know my being with them I consider a stroke  of gracious luck.

Are there casual relationships in your life you long to chage?

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