Saturday, January 1, 2011

365 Mary Oliver Poems

I have now been writing this blog for a year - this is my 366th posting today!  Though my plans were to end today, I shall carry on because there are still two more books of poems I have not covered. I could have left out some poems and coordinated the finishing in a year's time, but honestly, this year's rising with Mary is too precious to stop any time before I have too.  My guess is that I shall be blogging for about 100 more days.  Will you take my hand and heart, and stay with me a while longer?  I'd like that.

 How has this year's reading been for you?


  1. Oh, LoraKim, what a beautiful new year's gift to know you will be continuing to bring us Mary Oliver's poems and your always engaging commentary. Happy new year.

  2. LoraKim, How funny is it that I now discover your blog on the very day you planned on ending it? I am glad you are continuing on. I have just recently discovered the beautiful writing of Mary Oliver and I look forward to reading your archives as it's all new to me :)
    Have a wonderful 2011

  3. I'll stay and read as much as is humanly possible as long as you post what you want to say.

    I've read more in the past year than I did the entire first 34 years of this life (I've been very busy with regards to reading).

  4. Thank you all for sharing the journey with me!

  5. I am delighted to have discovered this blog today. Just got turned on to Mary Oliver in the last couple months. Can't get enough! It is nice to know there are others out there who appreciate Mary too. Looking forward to connecting each day. thanks.