Monday, January 10, 2011

Li Po and the Moon

There is the story of the old Chinese poet:
At night in his boat he went drinking and dreaming
And singing

Then drowned as he reached for the moon’s reflection.
Well, probably each of us, at some time, has been
As desperate.

Not the moon, though.

Let me just be cantankerous this one day.  I can’t help it, or so I say. When I hear or sense a separation between myself from the rest of existence, I want to balk and say, “it’s not so!”  In this case, moons have been known to fall into their earth’s gravitational pull and lose themselves as they explode into planetary merger.  They become one heavenly body or trillions upon trillions of particles swirling about in the universe’s ocean.  Either way, it’s the end of their separate selves for they cannot deny the pull of the other.  Moons swoon as much as do we.

For whom or what shall you swoon today?

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