Friday, December 10, 2010

I Wish I Loved No One

I wish I loved no one,
I said, one long day.
You are  fool then,
said the old cripple
from the poorhouse.
You are a fool then,
said the young woman
tramping the road
with nothing, nothing.
I wish I loved no one,
I said on yet another long day.
You are a fool then,
said a wrinkled face
at the boarding house,
and she laughed.
a pitiful fool!

How do we wish to not love one another? Let me count the ways.

When I arise in the morning and find dishes and socks scattered, my heart rumbles with discontent and disconnection.

When I tire of yet another organization's conflict and confusing practices, my mind seeks solace, alone again naturally.

When the news speaks of violent and ignorant acts, my hands pick up a novel into which I play hide and seek, mostly hiding.

Because I have everything but what others "should do", I have nothing.

What a pitiful fool!
I think I'd rather have nothing, so I have everything.

Including loving you, me, the whole shebang.

Let's meet at the shelter, the garbage dump, the cardboard house, and the refugee's dangerous highway, shall we?

Limping in love this long day.

How do you deny love?

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