Saturday, December 4, 2010

I am the One

I am the one
Who took your hand
When you offered it to me.

I am the pledge of emptiness
That turned around.
Even the trees smiled.

Always I was the bird
That flew off through the branches.

I am the cat
With feathers
Under its tongue

I invited your yesterday to open your arms with me to offer our hands to all of life.  Well, of course this means to offer our hand to all of death.  I keep forgetting this, and Mary keeps reminding me.

 I have a plan to start offering the chickadees and nuthatches seeds from my hand so that I could touch their beauty.  I imagine myself holding my hands up to the sky so that love may alight in my soul.  Then another voice says, you do that, and the tame birds will come to harm at someone else’s hands.  Your desire will kill them.

I am not saying that I will go ahead with this project – I want to study the possible harm that might come.  I tell you this more as a metaphor for the struggle.  How much time do we spend studying our actions and in the meantime the bird flies off to sing somewhere else? 

Harm is the price of doing business in this world.  It’s not a nice taste in my mouth these feathers of my beloved.

What do you taste this morning?

1 comment:

  1. Orange Carrot sobe and to quote from the text on the bottle "POW! only amazing happens when orange meets carrot. Loaded with antioxidant vitamins A+C+E=D so you can fight the gnarly & feel the love... cuz our love is strong. naturally sweetened with sugar"

    it is not verbatim (I capitalized the pow and also added the "=D")

    and if those birds are anything like me I wouldn't worry about it flying somewheres else. Pressure without complete disclosure is slimy salesman technique. If it really is that great they are not going to pressure a sale.

    but at the same time I am not so sure PI like surveillance would get accurate info (if that for strange reasons might even be considered a route to go)

    there is the that plus several battle ships that were sunk yesterday LoraKim. I shouldn't really say sunk per se as the story I heard was there was never any imminent danger. But it turns out sound was

    el golpe final
    le coup de grace

    although it was also the story I heard that muy muy pictures were reconation but the mouth that whispered in my mind was/is has a compass that doesn't exactly point true north (but I have learned to adjust and I would have got away with it too if it wasn't for those pesky kids!)

    That crazy that told me those stories tried to tell me he cold "see" the soul who fingers
    were hitting the keyboards and swore that it often changed mid sentence.

    the drink is orange/carrot and it tasted like sweetened carrot with orange