Sunday, November 28, 2010

When I Cried for Help

Where are you, Angel of Mercy?
Outside in the dusk, among the flowers?
Leaning against the window or the door?
Or waiting, half asleep, in the spare room?

I’m here said the Angel of mercy.
I’m everywhere – in the garden, in the house,
And everywhere else on earth – so much
Asking, so much to do.  Hurry!  I need you.

Ah, the old joke.  A man is in the middle of the flood and has retreated to the high ground of his house’s roof.  The water is rising and he begins to pray to God, “Please save me!”  As he is praying a boat comes by and offers him a ride, and he refuses.  He awaits God’s hand to save.  He returns to praying as the water now laps against his ankles on the roof.  A helicopter hovers overhead and offers a life line down. “No thanks he says, God will save me.”  He returns to praying as the water rises to his waist, his neck, and finally over his head. He is swept away and to his death. Up in heaven the man confronts God. “I believed in you my whole life.  I prayed every day. When I needed you the most I asked that you come save me and you let me down. Why didn’t you help me?” God responds, “My son, who do you think sent the boat and the helicopter?”

We all are the hands of mercy.  So what am I doing writing this blog entry when the pleas for help abound?  There is so much to do. What are you doing reading this?  Hurry and wake up – the world need us!

Where do you see the hands of mercy evident in your life?

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