Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I want to sing a song
For a body I saw
And without a name

But clearly someone young
Who had not yet lived his life
And never would.
How shall I do this?

What kind of song
Would serve such a purpose?
This poem may never end,
For what answer does it have

For anyone
In the distant
Comfortable country,
Simply looking on?

He had a weapon in his hands
I think
He could have been no more than twenty.

I think whoever he was
Of whatever country,
He might have been my brother
Were the world different.

I think
He would not have been lying there
Were the world different
I think

If I had known him
On his birthday,
I would have made for him
A great celebration.

Were the world different?
Alas, I can mourn, dream, wish, and make concrete requests
Of the world.
But what would this carrying on amount to?

Were I different
I would know that all beings are my family
And I would make for this day
Every day
A celebration of birthdays
Singing my death song.

Were the world different what would you have it be? If you were different, what would you be?

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