Friday, November 26, 2010

Of Goodness

How good
That the clouds travel, as they do,
Like the long dresses of the angels
Of our imagination,

Or gather in storm masses, then break
With their gifts of replenishment,
And how good
That the trees shelter the patient birds

In their thick leaves,
And how good that that in the field
The next morning
Red bird frolics again, his throat full of song,

 And how good
That the dark ponds, refreshed,
Are holding the white cups of the lilies
So that each is an eye that can look upward,

And how good that the little blue-winged teal
Comes paddling among them, as cheerful as ever

And so on, and so on.

How good it is that we travel from one side of the family to the other
On this Thanksgiving weekend

Disappearing fathers on one wing and diminishing mothers on the other
We soar down Interstate 20 and 95
Like an eagle, seeing, and taking in all
Cheer, yes, there is some to replenish the spirit
But what I would give to see a teal to deal
With the heartache and the loss
And so on and so on.

What would you see today to replenish your life?

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