Sunday, November 7, 2010

Out of the Country for 10 days

Dear Readers,

       I am delighted to report that this past month I had over 500 different people come to view this blog.  This is exciting for me to consider that we may be this large a group growing our hearts and lives through the poetry of Mary Oliver.

       I will be traveling in Central America over the next 10 days and being able to post via the internet will be spotty. I will share my reflections with you when I can.  Rest assured that I will be reading and writing every day, so please continue on with the book "Red Bird" and this means we will be sharing the same poem on the same day as we have been.

      In hope,



  1. That's wonderful, to know folks are reading Mary Oliver, and your reflections. And don't forget some may read at Google Reader and not show up on your stats (like me).

    Travel well. Thank you for these faithful postings of my favorite poet.

  2. Thanks for the well wishes and the co-journeying.