Saturday, February 5, 2011


He takes such small steps
to express our longings.
Thank you, Schubert.

How many hours
do I sit here
aching to do

what I do not do
when, suddenly,
he throws a single note

higher than the others
so that I feel the green field of hope,
and the descending
all this world's sorrow
so deadly, so beautiful

I know almost nothing of Schubert. As a child my fingers stumbled over his concertos during piano practice, but that was decades ago.  Heck, my radio station on the last few weeks has been country gospel songs.  I guess I'm a regular philistine when it comes to music.

Except I know how deadly sorrow can be and too, how beautiful.  And I know that almost anything in my world can remind me of beauty, and the ache that comes with it. 

I just have to be open to hearing the daily low notes, and the surprising high notes that are always there waiting to break through to my consciousness.

So today, in this grey, rainy morning light, let me turn my station to Schubert and see what I might hear today.  It's a short step for the longing heart.

What strikes a note for you today to know sorrow and beauty?

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