Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I don't care for adjectives, yet the world fills me with them.
And even beyond what I see, I imagine more.

Seeing, for example, with understanding,
or with acceptance and humility and
without understanding,
into the heart of the bristly, locked-in worm
just as it's becoming what we call the luna,
that green tissue-winged, strange, graceful,
fluttering thing.

Will death allow such transportation of the eye?...

Well, we will all find out, each of us.
And what would we be, beyond the yardstick,
beyond supper and dollars,
if we were not filled with such wondering?

To be human, is to wonder what waits for us in death.
Is it uber-human to wait patiently for what is developing into life, or decaying into death?

To see without seeing?

I see for instance, without understanding the behavior of myself and those around me.  We're a despicable lot, aren't we?  Bristly worms, locked into our narrow outlooks and self interests.

Then, when grace comes upon me, I see the beauty within.  I still don't understand.

So what is left to do?

Ah, yes.
Bow in humility

I wonder what you ponder?

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