Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Landscape in Winter

Upon the snow that says nothing,
that is endless brilliant,
there is something heaped, dark, and motionless.

then come the many wings, strong and bold.
"Death has happened," shout the carrion crows.
"And this is good for us."

Is it possible that we can know that death is good for us?

How about the death of an old woman whose name no one remembers and who has known nothing but pain in her last years...
When a drug pusher dies of an overdose
When a dictator is hung
When an armadillo chooses the wrong moment to cross the road
When a cow's blood spills on the slaughterhouse floor
When our sisters die of cancer
When our cat dies of kidney failure
When the parrot goes extinct in the wild
When the forest falls and the springs dry up
When humanity disappears from the earth
When our own breath fades?

When is it possible to  say
"Death is good for us?"

Is it possible?

What if it were?

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