Friday, February 18, 2011

Broken, Unbroken

The lonely stand in the dark corners of their hearts.

I have seen them in cities, and in my own neighborhood,

nor could I touch them with the magic that they crave

to be unbroken. Then, I myself, lonely,

said hello to good fortune.  Someone

came along and lingered and little by little

became everything that makes the difference.

Oh, I wish such good luck

to everyone. How beautiful it is to be unbroken.

Is Mary saying that we are only whole when in relationship with those that linger in our lives?

Well then, aren't we always unbroken, for we are woven into the web of life from birth to death.

Maybe it's just at times that the strands that connect us are so faint that we can barely see them. 

Maybe in our sleep we grind our teeth on what binds us to life

So it is to us to wake up to the beauty

It is to us to open our eyes and train them to see the interconnection

It is to us today to bind up the broken.

What shall you weave today?


  1. unbroken tapestry,
    loose ends re-weaved
    as beginnings

  2. Yes I see that . It isn't easy but it is wholesome and the right thing to do