Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Perfectly

How perfectly and neatly opens the pink rose

This bright morning, the sun warm on my shoulders,

Its heat on the opening petals.

Possibly it is the smallest, the least important event at this moment

In the whole world.

Yet I stand there, utterly happy. 

This dawn opened rather pink this morning up here in the cold north of Albany, New York.  I am attending the National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association Annual Symposium and I have a presentation to give this evening.  After arriving here and checking out the crowd and the room, I discovered that I needed to restructure this presentation.  So after a night of tossing and turning I have spent this morning “perfecting” my talk while watching the sun rise out the hotel window.  The irony doesn’t escape me that my seminar is about affirming how perfectly beautiful we humans already are.  What’s left to do is just tweaking, and grace in our lives.

Whatever slides I end up with, whatever jokes or points I make or don’t make, my strongest desire is that I can stand before the audience, utterly happy to behold their perfection, and mine.  Ours.

May grace so visit you and yours today.

How are you perfect?

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