Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just Rain

The clouds did not say soon,
but who can tell for sure, it wasn't

the first time I had been fooled;
the sky-doors opened and the rain began

to fall upon all of us...

and then the birds joined in
and I too felt called toward such throat praise. Well,

the whole afternoon went on that way
 until I thought I could feel the almost born things

in the earth rejoicing. As for myself, I just kept walking, thinking: 
once more I am grateful to be present.

How many times today will I say, "just?"

When I see the sun's light move the owl in the leaves into focus -
ah, it's just the early morning light that is a prayer

When my son awakes and trudges towards the coffee machine-
ah, it's just a young man, miracle of birth and circumstance,
and ah, yes, just love

When my spouse sings hymns in the shower,
ah, it's just a man who loves so much that he'll give his life just for me, and ah, yes, just for you too

When I write these words,
ah, they're just me aching to be present
Just for today
just for the next moment

Is there anything you take for granted for which you would like to sing praise for today?

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