Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On Winter's Margin - January 12, 2010

...By time snow's down, the birds amassed with sing

Like children for their sire to walk abroad!

But what I love, is the gray stubborn hawk

Who floats alone beyond the frozen vies;....

They are what saves the world: who choose to grow

Thin to a starting point beyond this squalor.

Here I think of charity of crumbs for birds, for the marginalized of the world, the poor. Here I think how we mindlessly throw off what has gone stale for us and rejoice in how the oppressed will sing our praises if we but show our scant love in trails of broken crusts for those breaking upon earth's crust. Here I think in this month of 2010's beginnings I strive to grow thin so that I might in each moment begin again in love. May this thinness not be of sacrifice, but of joy as the light from within which reflects the bright beauty without has an easier and easier time of shining through.

Where do you choose to grow thin so that you might see beauty, and empower your community beyond acts of charity into actions of justice's strength?

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