Sunday, January 17, 2010

Night Flight – January 17, 2010

Traveling at thirty thousand feet, we see
How much of earth still lies in wilderness…

…How many miles, or night, or years to go
Before the mind, with its hug ego paling,
Before the heart, all expectation spent,
Should read the meaning of the scene below?…

..And settled softly on the earth once more…
---Discarding smoothly, as we disembark,
All thoughts that held us wiser for a moment
Up there alone, in the impartial dark.

In this full poem there are two occurrences of the world “miracle;” One to describe the lights of civilization against the earth’s dark wilderness, and the other to describe the possibility of our space ship overshooting the earth, resulting in us spending our days hurtling out into the depths of dark space. How do we live with the gift of the egoless darkness in our life and the egofull light in our life? Both are miracles and are to be praised highly. We are such fierce creatures born out of space, out of earth, out of oceans, and out of Africa. We are a miracle we exist and the further miracle, where wonder is yet to be born, is that we may gain the wisdom that comes from the vision of looking down at one, awesome earth. This is a vision that would unite us across cultures and species. But to know this wonder, to live in beauty, we must be lost in the dark.

Where have you been lost in the dark, and gained wisdom?

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