Monday, January 11, 2010

The Murderer's House - January 6, 2010

....This is our failure, that in all the world

Only the stricken have learned how to grieve.

Safe in our cars, we pause along the highway

AS one by one the leveling seasons fall:

And one by one we drive away, rejoicing

In such a distance as could strike us all.

So I imagine that in preschool we begin the practice of grieving. In coloring books we fill in the colors of our lost companion animals, grandparents, and friends who have left us behind. In art class throughout our growing years we free draw what we long for and make masks that are the demons and murderers within us all. At the end of each creative session that play dirges and hymns in the back ground we then chant, sing, dance, and beat drums and our chests in good company, and in drawing the evil within the circle, we may then rejoice in honest gratitude.

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