Friday, October 1, 2010

News of Percy (Five)

In the morning of his days he is in the afternoon of his life.

It’s some news about kidneys those bean-shaped necessities,

Of which, of his given two, he has one working, and

That not well.

We named him for the poet, who died young, in the blue

Waters off Italy.

Maybe we should have named him William, since Wordsworth

Almost never died.

We must laugh a little at this rich and unequal world,

So they say, so they say.

And let them keep saying it.

Percy and I are going out now, to the beach, to join

His friends-

The afghan, the lab, the beautiful basset.

And let me go with good cheer in his company.

For though he is young he is beloved,

He is all but famous as he runs

Across the shining beach, that faces the sea.

Oh now, Mary is going to lose Percy as well as Molly, her partner! But Percy is young and it must seem unfair or “unequal” as Mary says. Yet, she is in love with him as is the world, no matter the course of his life. Yes! No matter our future, there is life to love now. If ever there was a chance to love now, it is to look over a pack of playing dogs. Our eyes take in the energy and sheer force of beings who share their lives with us, but with whom we are never quite dog enough. So our canine companions find other dogs and suddenly we are on the outside looking in, and inward. Who knew that beauty was so possible in sharing the mundane experiences of those with whom we live? Who knew that the holy other is right in our midst? The tragedy is that we often don’t realize this until that particular beauty has gone. So bark now beauty, howl your holy presence, now.

Whose life/beauty have you known that has been too fleeting?

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  1. My daughter's life was too short, too fleeting. An accident at 25 took her too-short life. She was like a mermaid, or a pirate princess, or maybe something like a dark-haired frontier girl from 200 years ago, forging forward, a human adventure that shone like the sun....