Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Chat

I wish

I were

the yellow chat

down in the thickets

who sings all night,


into the air


and pandhandles,


in curly phrases,


free verse too,

with head-dipping

and wing-wringing,

with soft breast

rising into the air-

meek and sleek,


with no time out

for pillow-rest,




Oh, Lord,

what a lesson

you send me

as I stand


to your rattling, swamp-loving chat


of his simple, leafy life-

how I would like to sing to you

all night

in the dark

just like that.

A brief song came to me in dreams last night. There were three solitary birds - a parrot companion long gone, a budgerigar (small parakeet) and a raven. They did not know each other, but upon seeing one another they would not leave each other's side. I had thought that they would hurt each other, so great their size differential. Instead, where one walked or flew, so went the other two - caring, loving, protective. The lasting feeling this morning is of eternal companionship. I awoke with no answers, just with a thirst to sing in the darkness of the pathos and tragedy of our world.

What song do you sing in the morning? In the night?


  1. I am reading Mary Oliver's poems daily too. I love her. I am so grateful to have discovered your blog. I came across it searching for this poem (The Chat), which I want to memorize to share with a group of friends. Blessings, Jim

  2. I have read this to at least6 friends today and yesterday. I'm sitting in my chemo treatment and being blessed by the chat