Monday, March 8, 2010

White Night - March 7, 2010

All night

I float

in the shallow ponds

while the moon wanders...

...I don't want to argue anymore

about all the things

I thought I could not

live without!...

...I want to flow out

across the mother

of all waters

I want to lose myself

on the black

and silky currents...

When I float in water, whether in the ocean's gentle waves, or the brisk run of the springs here in North Florida, I forget all the things that I thought I could not live without. There is just the water, me, fish, the All of Being. To float, is to pray, to heal, to play.

Where do you have the sensation of floating of being held by life?


  1. I couldn't say it better than you did. Floating in water is my favorite.

  2. T sez:
    Rather than the water, my interest in this poem is with the light and dark, and the calling of the darkness to rest, and the harshness of the light(or as MO describes the dawn: "that difficult and beautiful hurricane of light"). Isn't it funny how dawn brings a sudden hope, then along with that, expectations, shortly followed by responsibility? Humans are so crazy...