Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lark Ascending - Back from Guyana

I am now back from Guyana, and this my first morning, spent some time looking at the pictures that do no real justice to the beauty there.  Two in particular are my favorites - Kaieteur Falls and a pair of Red and Green Macaws flying in front of the falls.  They are rising in the cloudy mists of the thunderous water.  As so frequently, such a coincidence that Mary's poem is of birds rising to the clouds. So I include those pictures here for you.  The rest of the poems that will finish out this 15.5 months of Mary's poems, were all written while in Guyana.

Lark Ascending

galloped up into the  morning air
then floated
a long way
whispering, I imagine,
to the same mystery
I try to speak to
down here. ...

if I could
carry a message of thanks
to the doors of the clouds.
I don't know whether it would be
of the or the mind. I know
it's the poem I have yet to make

There are so many ways to give thanks - poets do so with their words, birds perhaps in their own way with their songs, and children with their giggling runs.  Writing, singing, laughing - these are but just three ways to live the day in gratitude.  I imagine there are thousands of ways.  Here are some of mine:

Looking up at the stars and smiling
Bowing to the trees
Kissing the ground
Hugging a person
Identifying a bird species
Biking instead of driving the car
Writing this blog

What are some of your ways of giving thanks?

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