Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Four Sonnets - Part 3

The authors of history are among us still.
And believe me they believe what they believe
As sincerely as the millions who are simply looking for a life, a purpose.
Who are the good people? We are all good people
Except when we are not.  Meanwhile the forests are felled..
Who despises us and for what reason? Whom do we
Despise and for what reason?....
“What’s on your mind” we say to each other.
As though it’s some kind of weight.

I’m in a forest that we speak of in the day as being in danger of felling. As night falls it is too close to nightmares to bring into conscious thought.  If we do, our enemies might stalk us in the dark and keep our dreams of a beloved community from forming.  It’s hard to say who the enemy is – the oil companies that will come in to drill, and build roads and communities around them?  The government in Georgetown, Guyana that sold the mining rights out from underneath the Amerinians?  Or we consumers with our electricity eating gadgets and cars? 
This despising is a weight – I see it in the conservationists around me and I feel it in my heart.  If I could have the yellow breast of the macaw, perhaps I would be too delighted with myself and my kind to look at anything or anyone but in awe.

Whom do you despise and why?


  1. I despise my own inability to convey the urgency needed to save what I have seen. I seem to be helpless, no matter how hard I try, is it is all for naught. I despise my age, oh, to be 40 again and to have all that energy and to have not been beaten to a pulp. What I could do then! My yellow breast has worn thin and grey...

  2. I still seem some mighty fine feathers there on your chest - no matter their age or accomplishment. Your inner feathers are brilliant!

  3. Marc, the world is so much of a better place simply because you lived. You are a success, and I admire you tremendously. Keep up the good work! Nothing worthwhile in life is achieved without work...but you already know that.