Monday, June 21, 2010

Dogs - June 20, 2010

Over the wide field

the dark deer went running,

five dogs screaming

at his flanks,

and his heels,

my own two darlings

among them

lunging and buckling

with desire

as they leaped

for the throat

as they tried

and tried again

to bring him down...

At the lake

the deer plunged...

he clambered

up the far shore.

The dogs

moaned and screeched

they flung themselves

on the grass

panting and steaming.

It took hours

but finally...

they woke

from fitful naps

they stepped

in their old good natures

toward us

look look

into their eyes...

here is such happiness when you speak their names!

here is such unforced loved!

here is such shyness such courage!

here is the shining rudimentary soul

here is hope retching, the world as it is

here is the black the red the bottomless pool

I have heard countless stories spoken in regretful tones from others who speak about the killing their dogs have done. Mild mannered and love-giving companions turn into frenzied packs and kill other dogs and cats in the home, not to mention the unsuspecting prey in neighborhoods, fields, and wild places. Knowing the nature of dogs I wonder why then people keep them, for they can do so much harm to what you love and what is beautiful. Their wildness cannot be easily tamed. Maybe the humans aren't trying hard enough. Maybe, just maybe, we relish their wildness and somewhere in our co-evolved human/dog DNA we don't want them to quit hunting - for their hunting is our hunting. We recall when we ran to survive, and this confused does not die easily. We look into their eyes and see reflected back how hard hope is to come by when love lives so easily with violence.

Where or to whom do you love, and yet also turn from?

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