Sunday, May 30, 2010

Morning Glories

Blue and dark-blue

rose and deepest rose

white and pink they

are everywhere in the diligent

cornfield rising and saying

in their reliable finery...

The reaper's story is the story

of endless work of

work careful and heavy but the

reaper cannot

separate them out there they

are in the story of his life

bright random useless

year after year

taken with the serious tons

weeds without value humorous

beautiful weeds.

A Haiku in response to this:

Coming to take us

You and me. Beautiful weeds

Death makes us all one.

Do you ever feel useless and fail to trust your bright beauty?


  1. I never feel useless any more. The only time I did was as a child when my mother would berate me and tell me what a terrible child I was. Even though at age two I had decided she didn't know or care for me, so I was in this world alone, it still hurt. I learned to not attempt to change her mind as it only prolonged the time I had to stay in the same room with her and she would continue longer. Leaving the room would have meant a spanking. The rest of the world supported me and appreciated my helpfulness, so I overcame my feelings of uselessness. Perhaps IN will answer my "why' question. Why was I able to reprogram my mind and my sister was not able to? She still deals with depression supported by her feelings of uselessness. Perhaps I will learn how to help her while learning more about myself.