Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beside the Waterfall

May 25, 2010

At dawn

the big dog-

Winston by name-

reached down

into the leaves..

beside the white


and dragged out,

into plain sight,

a fawn;...

and, thankfully,

it was dead.




the beautiful flower-like head,

breaking it and

breaking it off and

swallowing it...

He, too, if you're willing

had a face

like a flower; and then the red sun

which had been raising all the while anyway,


clear of the trees and dropped its wild, clawed light

over everything.

Our bodies break and are broken open. The wild light of life now escapes, helping us face that we are all flowers - dead child, scavenger, killer, appalled watcher, you, me.

What have you seen in life that is disgusting, that you wish wasn't there or happening?

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