Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spring - February 10, 2010

In April the Morgan was bred. I was chased away.

I heard the cries of the horses where I waited,

And the laughter of the men...

...I rode her home at her leisure

And let her, wherever she wanted,

Tear with her huge teeth, roughly,

Blades from the fields of spring.

I have led a stallion to a mare and felt the wildness of the pair course through my veins. It seems as if the mare stands for the stallion against her own volition, in part because she is often restrained from running away. Also in part because her own hormones and physiology have betrayed her and caused her to be in a vulnerable position of which the males of the world take advantage. I wonder readers if any of you have felt the same in the dance for reproduction - felt the objectifying laughter and manipulation that our evolved humanity has brought us to?

So Mary gave the mare her head, empowered her to decide where to nourish herself in the abundance of the world. Perhaps we cannot control all that comes our way, but we may take the steps to nourish our beings, and let our laughter ring forth in love for the blossoming tree and womb.

Have you experienced sexual or gender oppression? Where do you experience nourishment or empowerment?

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  1. In my childhood there was more gender oppression. There was a long list of things girls were not supposed to do. I hung out with the boys in the neighborhood and played baseball and foot ball and climbed trees anyway. As a teenager I babysat for boys and played with their trucks and lego blocks.
    Even as recently as the 70's after I got divorced, I could not get charge cards because I was a single mother. This was even though I had a full time job.

    This blog is nourishment for me. I guess you can tell by the length of my comments. I also get nourishment sitting quietly watching the scenery, animals and birds that come to my bird feeders. Nature has always been my source of renewal.

    I have lived on my own so long that I am empowered a lot. I make all the decisions in my life. The only arena where I initially have difficulty is with doctors. If they don't give me the right to fully participate in medical decisions and care, I'm gone. Having recently moved, I've had to break in several and leave two. The younger ones seem to appreciate it once they find out that's the it will be.