Sunday, July 21, 2013

Three Things to Remember

As long as you're dancing, you can
   break the rules.

Sometimes breaking the rules is just
   extending the rules.

Sometimes there are no rules.

This reminds me so much of a posting we had on our refrigerator when I was a child.

Household Rules
Rule #1: Dad is always right
Rule #2:  Refer to rule #1

Today it brings a chuckle, and also a caution:  Be wary of rules, especially if they report to be simple or give power over to oppressive schemes, such as patriarchy.

Yet we humans live with rules.  Might we also find a way to live with the constant breaking of rules as a way to double check on institutionalized rigor mortis that restricts flourishing, joy, and love?

Make rules, then break them by letting your heart break.

Here are some of my rules:

Earth Rules
Kindness first
Love fast
Joy not last
Forget the past
Live with thirst

What rules would you make if you could have just one, or what one thing will you strive to remember today?  Then how will you let your heart break?


  1. I love your blog so much. Thank you.

  2. I must remember my mind often does not tell the truth. Openness to pain cannot happen with obsessive thoughts blocking the way.

  3. I serendipitously stumbled across your blog.
    Another "random" daily miracle.

    I appreciate your reflections so much.

    I am wondering if you have started a new blog? I do hope you are doing well! Always wonder when posts suddenly end. Wishing you the best.

    Cheers and comforting peace Mary Oluver describes so eloquently in Walking to Oak Harbor,