Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Gardener

Have I lived enough?
Have I loved enough?
Have I considered Right Action enough, have I come to any conclusion?
Have I experienced happiness with sufficient gratitude?
Have I endured loneliness with grace?

I say this, or perhaps I'm just thinking it.  
Actually I probably think too much.

Then I step out into the garden,
where the gardener, who is said to be a simple man,
is tending his children, the roses.

Does everything, all our struggles, doubts, and seeking come down to this - tending life?  Tenderly?

Tending to what is present gives birth to life in every moment.  But I suppose we must also attend to death.  Every step, no matter how reluctant or gimpy, is in the garden of earth. It is as simple as that.

Princess Mononoke

In the 1997 animated film, Princess Mononoke, the Great Forest Spirit is feared and awaited, for the spirit's footsteps are origins of life and death.   Attuning to this universal divine wisdom, we too know that with every step we seed new growth and say good bye to old life. Step, life death - step, life, death.

What steps will you take today for the children of this earth?  

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