Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mozart for Example - September 14, 2010

All the quick notes

Mozart didn't have time to use

before he entered the cloud-boat

are falling now from the beaks

of the finches

that have gathered from the joyous summer

into the hard winter

and, like Mozart, they speak of nothing

but light and delight,

though it is true, the heavy blades of the world

are still pounding underneath.

And this is what you can do too, maybe,

if you live simply and with a lyrical heart

in the cumbered neighborhoods or even,

as Mozart sometimes managed to, in a palace,

offering tune after tune after tune,

making some hard-hearted prince

prudent and kind, just by being happy.

Time and time again I hear how music bridges hard hearts and might be considered the universal religion. Yet without cultural constraints, might the transcendent moment of listening to Mozart be the background music after a genocidal tragedy, or even bird watching a distraction for a cruel dictator? So I doubt that it is enough to offer music so others may be happy. Yet I know in my moments of unexpected joy I rush out to hold the world and give all that I can. Mary, in the midst of her poem, then offers the cultural construct for guiding our happiness over bird and Bach - live simply and with a lyrical heart - a heart that hears music in all beings.

Where do you hear music?

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